Quick Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle from Cosmetic Damage

Quick Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle from Cosmetic Damage

Quick Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle from Cosmetic DamageScratches and little dents can really drag down your vehicle's appearance. To help prevent them, you can take some simple precautions. But if your car does get scratched or dented, you'll want to fix the damage before rust gets the chance to take hold. At First Class Auto Body & BumperDoc Inc., our local body shop specializes in dent and scratch repair in the greater Phoenix area.

Easy Ways to Protect Your Car's Exterior

As you're out and about, it's a good idea to skip over parking spots that would put you tightly squeezed between other cars. When parking in such spots, there's the risk that somebody will thoughtlessly swing open their door into the side of your car, causing cosmetic damage. If you're comfortable with walking a little further to the building's entrance, it's better to park more toward the back of the lot where there tends to be more empty space. When gathering materials to wash your car, it's better to use synthetic microfiber washing mitts rather than just any old rag. If you grab a random washcloth, it could end up being abrasive and cause scratching. However, this won't be a concern with microfiber washing mitts, which are meant for this type of task. And before you wax your car, you should closely look over your vehicle to make sure there isn't any debris on it that could get dragged around and cause scratches. You can also help to keep your vehicle's exterior in great shape by stowing an on-the-go cleaning kit in your car. This will make it easy for you to clean up messes as they occur, such as bird droppings, which are acidic and should be removed ASAP. Another simple precaution is to be careful when leaning against your car. If you lean against your car while wearing sharp-edged apparel—such as a studded belt—then you could scratch your paint when you shift your weight.

Auto Body Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

When you need auto body repair in Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding area, contact First Class Auto Body & BumperDoc Inc. at (480) 771-7967. At our nearby body shop, we can expertly repair your vehicle's cosmetic damage. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: March 2022

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